ZOMBI from Dubrovka

In the newspaper " the KOMSOMOL TRUTH "

In article I - zombi! Journalist Galina Sapozhnikova has told and about practical result of variants of zombiing: the Fulfilled material of experiments on creation of ideal killers?



Let's remind, what questions to authorities of all levels still remain with inhabitants of Moscow. Last week they were briefly formulated by one of recent city dwellers - Boris Berezovsky:


1. Why FSB, despite of long-term interaction with clan Baraev, has allowed act of terrorism, to which it should know about preparation?

2. Why the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not prevented penetration into the center of Moscow of the armed group of several tens terrorists?

3. Why all without exception terrorists who could testify about organizers of act of terrorism, have been killed sleeping when they could not show resistance?

4. Why any of terrorists has not started an explosive, notwithstanding what lulling action of gas has borrowed not less than 10 minutes? Whether there was in general an explosive at theatre?

5. Why operation of special services in DYBROVKA has been lead without corresponding preparation of saving brigades? Why were lost 137 person?



Gryzlov's relations with Luzhkov after "Northeast" have become aggravated up to a limit. Under some data, minister Gryzlov in reports to the president directly assigned to Luzhkov and controllable by him the Moscow militia and urban services the responsibility for the missed act of terrorism, a failure of " a humanitarian part of operation and even for "outflow" of the operative information from a counterterrorist staff. All these accusations have been directed on finally to deduce{remove} the Moscow militia from under Luzhkov .

(It is published in the newspaper "Conservative" [12] from 22.11.2002)


Nurali LATYPOV'S version

The express train the newspaper 43 (405)


I am convinced: Chechens - only executors, some kind of killers in the struggle organized Russian against Russian. And chaos in law enforcement bodies in day of capture - superfluous to a volume confirmation. It could arise only as a result of powerful covering operation from above. Remembering about a presumption of innocence, I shall not begin to name names of those who theoretically could provide such covering. But in a heat of political strike the purpose of customers of act of terrorism on DYBROVKA is obvious. Namely - to truncate hands to the President of Russia, the leader firm and a consistent policy of disposal of an old heritage in the supreme echelons of power.

Candidates on a start and those who is interested in their stay at authority, finance, and can, even make powerful analytical group of planning not only today's, but also perspective actions of terrorists


Russian conceptions have made the sensational analysis of events in Moscow


From a position of " the general course of things it is obvious, that the PURPOSES of the action on capture of hostages were:

1. To remove V.Putin from a management of the country.

2. To prepare people of Russia for enthusiastic perception of an establishment in the country of international-fascism,

... Have organized Putin's persecution in mass-media...

Besides closing of "Moskovia" completely untied hands of LuzhkovsTVC

In this light capture of hostages in Moscow was convenient for "family" finally "to fall down" Putin. Calculation here is simple. Using that all levers of management are at them and that by virtue of it "family" are in a rate of everything that makes and Putin plans, to finish business with the second ""(hasavyurt), guilty for which to expose Putin. It is one variant. And another was also.

During the tightened negotiations with terrorists under pressure of "public opinion" in Russia revolution is made. Putin as unable to establish the order in the country is discharged, and in the country the fascist mode is entered. With terrorists thus finish so that any of them did not remain

And for "family" - resignation (for the beginning). Therefore also goan Malashenko with Mlechin on TVC because have understood: there comes the end to their "elite" parasitism on a body of people.

Such opinion Malashenko states because feels support (or most likely carries out a problem{task}) certain political forces which are interested in that requirements of terrorists have been executed.


1. At Putin hands are now untied, but there are no forces to carry out cleaning the staff. He should help all sane people with the country.

2. Clans in confusion. They were frightened. Here Luzhkov was brightly defined{determined}. 27.10.02 in a telecast with Pozner he was unequivocally demarcated with "family", Luzhkov artful and skilled politics. He has understood, that there will be a cleaning and has in due time borrowed safe (as it seems to him) a position.

Konstantin Petrov,

Chairman of Presidium TSS

Conceptual party "Unification"

Specially for "A.".(PRAVDA.Ru)


My version.

It completely agree from K.Petrovym, only all organization concerns not to Yeltsin's "family", and to Luzhkov's "family". Putin's persecution through mass-media execute " Moscow komsomoletc ", TVC and Luzhkov's other Moscow mass-media. And dictatorship, mafia fascism always proceeded from Luzhkov, instead of from Yeltsin.

The first experiment of act of zombi-terrorism is carried out before a building of FSB. To this building there has arrived by the lorry the driver and started to threaten with explosion of the machine. Appeared in a result that at the driver the mentality has been broken.

During the same period was strange capture of exchange office, with the subsequent suicide of the aggressor.

Terrorists on DYBROVKA also were at a level not political and primitive, under influence of drugs (?), chemical means (?) of executors. Or electronic way processed. With long, a spadework, at a plenty of participants, that always was possible, at desire of FSB, to reveal.

On TVS the deputy of the State Duma (Pohmelkin?) has told, that one of the Chechen terrorists was preliminary, before act of terrorism, is arrested and should be at this time in prison.

The political certificate{act} which could take place if really Chechen politics participated in it... Has not taken place.

And the enormous political positive result was received by everyone who participated in it a farce, except for Chechens.

One week prior to these events in Moscow militian orders up to 3-4 person have been increased and the quantity{amount} of orders has been increased in 3 times, basically in the underground and at buildings of the underground. 3 days prior to act of terrorism there was a closed meeting Putin - Luzhkov, could be considered{examined} and questions on development of it act of terrorism

And the basic version. This act of terrorism - in Luzhkov's interests and his{its} executors - MosUFSB to distract from investigation of their crimes, and further, as the additional reason for displacement of the President.

Therefore there were Luzhkov's trips

Luzhkov's Next advertising nonsense on turn of the rivers back

Luzhkov's mass-media again lift a question on displacement of president Putin Yeltsin's by "Family" (TVC, transfer the Moment of true ). Considering, that at such change of the president by Yeltsin to support Putin it is better its time (?) replacement by Luzhkov.

The new Government with Luzhkov's people , from Primakov, Boos up to Gusev, Poptcov is available also at Patrushev's support.

Deputies of the State Duma, S.Jushenkovym and V.Pohmelkinym carried out investigation of an alternative variant of acts of terrorism - explosions of houses and "zombi" from Dubrovka. S.Jushenkov for it also has been killed by special services from FSB.



All are ready to State's criminal revolution


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